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QTZ series tower crane
QTZ series tower crane
QTZ series tower crane slewing, horizontal arm, car amplitude, hydraulic jacking, fixed tower crane. China is now widely used in industrial civil construction, ports, loading and unloading freight yard handling equipment shipped a new type of tower crane operations.
The main features of machine
    1, shaft section from the standard composition, interchangeability strong, compact structure, easy installation and removal.
    2, the standard section of main branch to coordinate boring machine used at both ends of surface processing, and ensure the surface flatness and the two ends of the overall verticality of the tower crane requirements, improve the overall performance of the tower crane.
    3, the metal structure, carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding to weld to ensure the reliability of the overall structure.
    4, advanced detection method, using ultrasonic flaw detector, db instrument product testing.
    5, since the l use of hydraulic jacking system, complete equipment, safe and reliable. Smooth the process of lifting the top up can be achieved with the erection of high rise buildings in the need for change, is the ideal high-rise building construction lifting equipment.
    6, using twin-lift crane boom, triangular cross-section structure, rigidity is good, easy to install.
    7, institutions can meet the heavy lifting slowly in place, the light-load fast and quick off the hook lifting demand for improved work efficiency. Lifting gear with well-known brands to ensure the overall stability of the lifting machine, low noise, smooth operation and high reliability.
    8, slewing ring Hoesch Rothe Erde, Germany adopted the advanced production technology producing a four-point contact single row ball slewing bearing, rigid, and can be at the same time to bear axial force, radial force tipping torque, reliable performance.
    9, rotary organizations to adopt hydraulic coupling gear + planetary body with torsional ability, transmission ratio, compact structure, smooth operation, low failure rate advantage.
    10, lifting machines and rotary body can be used Rao-line speed motor + resistor, so that the tower crane is operating steadily, increasing service life of the tower crane.
    11, electrical system uses the well-known international brand components, performance is stable and reliable.


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